HR-CORTEX - High-resolution intracellular recordings in cortical neurons



Internal space

A postdoc position is available in the UNIC group.


The HR-CORTEX project is funded by the French ANR.


Project page at UNIC


R. Brette


Code for Active Electrode Compensation (AEC)

(Description of the Active Electrode Compensation technique)

We provide some sample code for different platforms. It is distributed freely under the GPL license. The Python version is probably the most useful one (more readable and up-to-date).


Offline estimation of the electrode kernel (you might need to install the Scipy package).


Estimation of the full kernel.

Extraction of the electrode kernel from the full kernel.

Scilab (a free vector-based scientific software, similar to Matlab):

Offline estimation of the electrode kernel (all functions in the same file).


Download AEC files (.rar archive)

Download full set of experimental files (.rar archive)