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I do not currently have funds to hire postdocs. Here are possibilities of external funding, including:

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to do a Master project or a PhD.


I am open to discussion for projects on spike initiation and sensorimotor systems. Currently, I am especially interested in projects that mix theory and experiments.

I am interested in a number of topics on spike initiation, for example, how does a cell learn to spike? I would like to develop a theory of development of excitability: how does the cell manage to put the right number of channels at the right place so that spikes can be produced and propagated to the terminals? What are the rules of structural plasticity of the axonal initial segment? I am also interested in experimental testing of theories, in particular on various aspect of resistive coupling theory and on spike threshold adaptation. To this end, we now have a patch-clamp rig in the lab that we are in the process of automating, with possibilities for fluorescence imaging, immunochemistry, etc, and we also have an internal collaboration with V. Emiliani for precise optogenetic stimulation and voltage imaging. If you are a theoretician interested in doing some experiments, or an electrophysiologist with some interest in quantitative modeling, this could be an opportunity.

On sensorimotor systems, I am currently developing an exciting project on Paramecium, a “swimming neuron”: with collaborators in Paris, we are trying to develop integrative models of this unicellular organism, which is sensitive to various sensory modalities and uses spikes to change direction. To this end, we have started to do electrophysiology as well as behavioral experiments (tracking). The subject is very rich, let me know if you are interested in any aspect, to come work in the lab or to collaborate.

You may also contact me if you have another project that you think I might be interested in.

Contact me for more information (please send a CV).