Brette’s micro-journal of theoretical neuroscience

Every month (hopefully) in this micro-journal, I select a few papers I have read, which I think are interesting for computational or theoretical neuroscience. These are not necessarily theoretical papers, in which case I explain why I think they are interesting for theoretical neuroscience. This is typically a mixture of new papers (including preprints) and old papers. This is of course a very personal selection, around the topics I am especially interested in, including: spike initiation, sensory systems, autonomous behavior.


  1. You will not find the names of the journals where the papers have appeared (or not), because those are irrelevant and distracting. More context about this micro-journal can be found in this post.
  2. I link directly to freely accessible pdfs of the papers. If I do not find any, then I do not discuss the paper.
  3. Suggestions of papers to include: simply add a comment to the last issue, with the link and a small description. I might include it in a future issue of the journal (although it is unlikely - this micro-journal’s acceptance rate is extremely low!).
  4. I strongly encourage the readers to write comments on PubPeer (anonymous; install their plugin!) or Pubmed Commons (signed). I give direct links to comments for each paper.


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